it’s time to find your voice on social media

Social media advertising isn’t your grandmother’s advertising. It takes time, consistency and a fundamental understanding of who it is you’re serving.

In order to stand out you need to find your voice, and that’s where I come in.

Let’s get personal.

Let’s make it engaging. 

Let’s redefine your social media strategy!

Browsers into Buyers

Internet fandom seems like a lot of fun. But being the “next big thing” or going viral is for the influencers. What you need is a way to convert browsers into buyers and it’s not by posting your latest sales flyer. 

Serving over Selling

Think about it, no one wants to be sold to as they scroll social media. Stand out in the crowd by creating content that serves your customers and your community. Solve problems and present your company as the leading expert in your field. 


Content that Connects

Finding a stock photo and slapping a logo on it with a one liner that *kind of* relates to what it is you do is not enough to create a following on social media. You need content that connects with, engages, and entertains your customers and community so that you can turn likes into leads. 


HI! I’m Cassandra.

Let’s get personal and change the game when it comes to your social media presence.

Making a splash on social media is about connecting, meaningfully, with the people and the community you serve. It’s about knowing the right platform for your message and equipping yourself with the tools necessary for success. 

As a small business owner, I know there is a never-ending list of demands vying for your attention. From payroll and accounting to actually selling and servicing your products. Advertising, social media, client relations, spreadsheets, inventory and service calls all add up and there is only so much time (and energy) to go around. 

You simply can’t do it all, or at least do it all well. 

Let me help you take the guess work out of social media, let me be the online voice for your company and let’s start connecting with your ideal customer. 

8 + 15 =

Consider this your grassroots approach to social media management. 

A personalized plan that is tailored not only to your company, but also to your customers and your community, ensuring a unique and authentic social media presence.

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