Hi! I’m Cassandra

In a previous life, before diaper changes and chimney sweeps (my husband and I own a small wood appliance business WellSwept Chimneys) before homemaking and homeschooling, I was a Chartered Professional Accountant – Chartered Accountant, and an ambitious student of all things business.

Babies and businesses didn’t change my passion for learning, in fact, it provided me the opportunity to leave “corporate Canada” and dive into the ever changing world of social media.

In my years studying under some of the best social media “gurus” I’ve honed in on my passion for creating something MORE, something GENUINE.

I believe that there is more to social media “advertising” than just sharing blog posts and your most recent sales. More than slapping your logo on a photo and calling it a day.


Social media is about creating a relationship with your customers, it’s about having a platform to serve your community and connect with those around you. I believe that social media is exactly that, it’s SOCIAL.

It’s personable, relatable, it’s a relationship.

I’m here to help small businesses find their voice on social media. To help business owners connect with their customers by understanding who they serve and how they can bring more to the table with each post.

I’m excited to share my passion with you!


Let’s do this!

I Believe In Small Businesses  

Small businesses are near and dear to my heart. Not just because THIS is a small business, not even because my husband and I own another small *but growing* business, but because I believe that small businesses are the backbone of a community. 

In our businesses we take every opportunity to champion, refer, and work with local small businesses and there is nothing better.

Helping small businesses build their brand and find their voice on social media is just one way I can help support families in our area not just survive small business life, but thrive as small business owners.

Let me focus on the stuff I’m passionate about so that you can focus on the stuff you love, together we will be unstoppable.

Why Choose Me

10+ Years of Experience

Experience grows a person, changes a person, and provides insight into what it takes to be successful. 

Custom Everything

I don’t believe in posting the same content on all platforms and I don’t buy into the notion that sharing blog posts and “related content” is enough to set a brand apart.

Every post, comment, video and picture is carefully selected and suited not only to the platform it will perform on but also to your unique company and for your valued customer.


I Deliver

This is about more than growing your audience on social media, this is about creating and serving your community to build your brand as a trusted expert in the areas you service. 


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