Your small business needs a custom small business solution.

You need a personal approach to social media that takes into consideration exactly what makes your company so amazing and tailors that je ne sais quoi to your customers, maximizing your results.

Not just likes and follows, but leads and sales.

You built your company to stand out. Let me help you stand out for the right reasons.

Small Business Package

My approach to social media is simple, create content that people actually want to consume.

Whether it is a eye catching graphic or a captivating bit of information, I want each post to be likeable, shareable, double tap necessary. I create with the consumer in mind. That’s why I developed this three point process to understanding everything I can about your company and your customers to create content that connects.

If your’ve been struggling to create consistency with your social media presence and lately it seems like a last minute scramble to just post something, it may be time to think about hiring a “specialist”. Let’s find your voice, that thing that attracts customers to your business and keeps them engaged with you for life. Let’s take the guess work out of content creation, post scheduling and growth to maximize the “free” advertising tool that is social media. 

Getting to Know You

A small business package that is specifically tailored to your company and your customer. Before diving in with “related content” we do a thorough analysis of your current situation including, but not limited to, 

  • local social media analysis
  • best in the industry ideas
  • identifying your unique vision and voice
  • polishing your message
  • connecting with your community, getting to know the community you serve
  • troubleshooting current areas of weakness

The get to know you process is all encompassing and thorough so that we can present your company as true to you as possible, ensuring that all platforms, all links, all promotions accurately reflect who you are and what you do. 

Developing Your Strategy

Once we get a clear picture of what your company and your customers need from your social media presence it’s time to get to work. 

Personally, I don’t believe in posting just for the sake of having something on your page. No one is interested in checking out uninspired filler. 

Once we get an idea of what needs to be done, from refreshing your media presence to establishing your true voice on each platform, we set up a schedule for serving through social.

This includes the frequency of posts targeted as serving verses selling, what platforms to take advantage of and what medium will garner the most traction. 

Your strategy is based on your goals and not on popularity. We want to have your customers coming to you as the expert in your field because what you put out on social media is engaging, entertaining, problem solving, and curated uniquely for them.

Rallying the Troops

This is the exciting part!

Because I believe that there is so much more to offer your lifer by being authentically YOU, by showcasing your business, your people, your vision, we do an all hands on deck meeting to get your team onboard. 

Whether you have a crew of 30 or you’re manning your ship solo, it’s time to launch with direction and unified purpose. Each small business package includes a one time training for your team to introduce the basics of content creation and help equip them to be as much a part of your social media presence as I am.

It’s this organic, grassroots, REALLY get to know you and your business through social media that helps small businesses not only exist IN their community, but become an integral part OF that community.


How is THIS Different?


Excellent Question!  

I believe that being authentic is at the heart of meaningfully connecting on social media, that knowing your audience and creating content specifically for them makes a difference. My passion for quality shines through in all that I do and I’m excited to bring that passion and experience to you. 

This is personal, this is tailor-made for your company. This is not sharing one liners and random blog posts to meet a posting quota. 

Consider me an extension of your brand, your voice online, an integral part of your company. I’m as vested in your company’s success as you are and, more than anything, I want to see your business become a staple in the community for years to come. 


Want a Litte More?

Are you eager to run give aways, like and follow campaigns, are you looking to increase your social proof? 


Let’s work together to develop a strategy that helps not only increase your “popularity” but also gets people talking – in the best way – about your company. There is no shortage of possibilities, we can work together to determine the right frequency and budget to make the biggest impact for your small business.

Have you always wanted a blog but don’t fancy yourself a writer? Maybe you think there’s nothing exciting about your industry. 

Blogs are an excellent way to provide valuable information for your current and future customers. They are also a top way to stay current and relevant with Google, not to mention, a solid blog attracts loyal followers as you build your business community. 

Let’s chat about creating a schedule to provide your community with a deeper dive into your industry. Whether it’s fireplaces, industry standards, education for relators, or trees, there is never a shortage of information to be curated and polished to better serve your community. 

Be sure to ask about out Blog Basics program featuring SEO friendly, 500 – 2,000 word bi-weekly articles that highlight some of the industries best for your website.

Custom Solutions

I know that small business is never a one size fits all sort of thing, small businesses are as unique as their owners.

If you need a hand with your approach to social media marketing or you want to find a way to finally get people leaving you reviews, reach out.

Sometimes you need something that is tailored specifically to your team in this season. That’s no problem. Let me know what it is you’re thinking and we can workout a solution that fits your vision and your budget.

12 + 10 =

A La Carte Options

Sometimes you just need a fresh set of eyes on your website or a new look for your social media, let’s talk about some of the a la carte services we can tailor to your specific needs. 

One Time Social Media Update

If you’re just looking to get a fresh set of eyes on your social media presence and consistency you’ve come to the right place. 

Let’s work together to give your profiles a fresh new look that better reflects your brand, your vision, and your voice. 

E-mail Marketing Campaign or Newsletter

E-mail marketing is essential for any small business and I recommend it to all of my clients and small business friends. 

Without an e-mail list you expose yourself to the whims that be on Facebook and Instagram. 

Let’s build a quality e-mail campaign to help you stay connected with your customers today.



You’ve got great ideas I just know it. But maybe wording, visual presentation and flare aren’t your strong suits. 

Not a problem. 

If you’ve got an idea for a campaign, a post, a blog or a more traditional form of advertising and it just needs some finessing let’s chat! 


Proposal Polishing

Got something big coming up and you want it to really stand out? 

I can help! 

Whether it’s a presentation, a job bid, or a new idea you’d like to bring to the table, let me help make it reflect the quality and attention to detail you bring to each opportunity. 


What’s Best?

This is about more than posting a few times here and there. It’s about more than finding awesome photos and sharing them to give your online brand a boost (though that is always a good thing). It’s even about more than getting your team onboard to create custom content that showcases your company in it’s best light.

Together, we are bring the SOCIAL back to social media! 

That means regular follow-ups with comments, tags, shares and reviews. That means one-on-one service in responding to messages, inquiries and even “haters” because how you respond, how you make people FEEL when they interact with your business online is what really resonates with your customers and community. 

Honestly, if you have read to this point on the page you’re my kind of person! You realize that there is a LOT to managing a social media profile and you want to make sure you are investing your money, and your time, wisely. 

It’s time to reach out! Let’s set up an appointment to find the right fit for your small business and let’s take your social media to the next level!

10 + 12 =

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